Unfortunately, illustrations can't provide as much detail for beginners as might be needed. In tree pose, for example, it's best if your foot isn't directly at the knee joint (above or below is best). That said, I have these printed yoga cards, like the ones Peck has drawn, that add variety to my practice. These are… » 9/18/14 5:16pm Thursday 5:16pm

Help Children Avoid Depression by Teaching Them to Reframe Setbacks

Depression is a very real problem, not just for adults but for children as well. Psych Central points out one thing parents and teachers could do that might help prevent children from suffering from depression: teach a specific type of problem solving and thinking skill. » 9/18/14 11:00am Thursday 11:00am

I've written more than a few female-specific posts (like how to fix slippery heels and make your bras last longer). It's hard to find tricks that are Lifehacker-y enough, though, to post, and there seems to be a fine line between LH-worthy clothing (or makeup or personal care) tips and things that are "just about… » 9/17/14 2:47pm Wednesday 2:47pm

Learn How to Switch from Android to iPhone with Apple's Guide

Unsurprisingly, Apple would like to help Android users move to the iPhone. So with the new iPhones currently available for pre-order, the company has released an in-depth guide to moving your content from your Android phone to the iPhone. » 9/17/14 11:00am Wednesday 11:00am

All the Disposable Things You Can Cleverly Reuse Before Throwing Out

Let's play a game. We'll list everyday household items that normally get tossed in the trash or recycled, and see how many clever reuses for them we can come up with. » 9/17/14 4:00am Wednesday 4:00am

Protect Your ATM PIN or Lock Combo from Thieves with This Quick Trick

There's a new way for thieves to steal your ATM PIN code or find out which numbers you pressed on many keypads (like number door locks): All they need is an iPhone case that shows infrared. You can prevent it with a simple trick, though. » 9/16/14 12:00pm Tuesday 12:00pm

6+ Free Reward Programs for Kids (Which You Might Not Know About)

Besides free workshops and activities for kids, there are many opportunities for kids to get free stuff through rewards programs and clubs. Some of them aren't even geared specifically towards kids, but children can still join to accumulate the rewards. Who doesn't like free stuff? » 9/15/14 4:00am 9/15/14 4:00am

Top 10 Ways to Find the Best Place to Live

Where should you move to? Where will you feel at home? These are complicated questions with many variables to consider, so today we're taking a look at tips on finding the right neighborhood (or city or state) for you, and maps and statistics that might reveal why some areas would be more or less attractive than… » 9/13/14 8:00am 9/13/14 8:00am