Top 10 Mistakes We Make When Grocery Shopping (And How to Fix Them)

Buying groceries is one of those universal chores most of us could probably do better at, whether it’s saving money on food or spending less time shopping. Here are ten common mistakes we tend to make at the grocery store—and how to avoid them.
» 4/25/15 8:00am Saturday 8:00am

The Red Flags You Should Look Out for During Your Job Search

Just as companies have to weed out the good candidates from the bad, you need to be able to tell the good companies and positions from the ones that will just waste your time. Here are some red flags in job descriptions and interviews that can warn you about a potentially terrible job.
» 4/24/15 8:00am Friday 8:00am

Switch Auto Insurers to Avoid a Rate Hike After a Traffic Ticket

Getting a traffic ticket sucks, especially when a single violation could increase your car insurance premium anywhere from 6% to 93%. There are a few ways you can minimize the hit on your insurance. » 4/22/15 10:30am Wednesday 10:30am

The mortgage interest and real estate tax deductions are very significant for me (nearly $9,000). There’s a calculator for that and Financial Samurai has some other interesting tax guidelines for considering renting vs. buying. » 4/22/15 9:33am Wednesday 9:33am

Top 10 Lazy Yet Smart Ways to Spring Clean Your Home

It’s spring cleaning time. Even if you have the urge to clean your home from top to bottom, perhaps your natural laziness is keeping you from getting started. No worries, here are ten MacGyver-ish ways to freshen your home with minimal effort.
» 4/18/15 8:00am 4/18/15 8:00am